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Johnny Moon Style

Companies, Corporations & Organizations

Make your event unforgettable.  Get your group and clients “into the act” with magical Fun and Games.  Enter the humorous world of Johnny Moon Magic.  Johnny is an event planner’s dream. 
He can customize his performances to meet your theme.


Johnny Moon makes the event Great!
Johnny Moon is eggstraordinary


rat pack
chicken magician
Johnny Moon
card shark

Johnny Moon Magic is a Traveling Show

 “The traveling Comedy Magic Shows of Johnny Moon are Albuquerque & Santa Fe, New Mexico based traveling to Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles, California and all points in between.”

  Ask about our schedule so you can see if we will be in your area and can perform
 for you at your event!

Johnny is definitely not going to give you the same tired old stuff that you’ve seen before.  He is as modern and current as you can imagine and will give you a different take on one of the oldest arts in the world.  He’s slightly off center; the comedy writers have dubbed him as “the light zany guy.” He has an easy going personality that is neither abrasive nor pushy. He packs lots of laughs and magic into each minute of his performances and he keeps everyone guessing what’s going to happen next. Johnny’s illusions, for the most part, use everyday objects but these ordinary items used in unique and strange ways make a huge impression on his audience. Johnny is a master at handling members of the audience on stage or in social situations. If asked about big illusions Johnny would say, “my biggest illusions are the wonderful members of my audiences who participate with me.”  

Here are some of the venues Johnny has worked.  His experience in the realm of ideas like these will make your upcoming event a smash success.

Dinner Shows
Johnny’s dinner show is usually around 40 minutes long with lots of laughs and amazing magic that takes you by surprise. Special effects are performed with designated guests and dignitaries to the delight of the entire audience. On many occasions Johnny is asked to perform close up magic at the tables prior to the after dinner show.

Special Events
Johnny will custom design or routine a magic show to fit your event. It may be the introduction of a new product to the world or an opening of a new building or location for your enterprise.

Hospitality Suites
Johnny’s background includes being a sales manager for a major corporation and owner of a highly successful manufacturer’s representative company. He was The Talent. He brings this expertise to your event.  “The main thing is the interaction with your guests. Let them do the talking. Make friends. Introduce them to the sales staff. Then show them some magic.”  

Trade Shows and Conventions
Johnny attracts attention and holds interest. He has been the responsible point person at many, many trade shows. He knows when to move future clients into the booth to get an in-depth product introduction and facilitate a sale. Customized magic that pitches a particular product is always a part of Johnny’s presentations.       

Private Parties
Johnny is a private party expert with 35 years and 1000’s of shows for movie stars, top executives and people in all walks of life. There are two formats Johnny works in. One is close up and personal sleight- of-hand; here, the magic happens in the viewer’s hands. The other format is a stand up performance with special volunteers that involve the entire audience in personal illusion. In both formats there is the promise of one laugh after another.

New Programs, Project Start-ups, Sales and Marketing Kickoff Meetings
Johnny brings years of engineering, sales management and magic skills to pull everyone together with team magic routines tailored to the project. The team that can laugh together can better work together.
Meetings can be dull, so spice it up, make it lively and surprise your staff. Johnny’s material can be tailored to get special points across.

Outdoor Events
For Picnics & Pool Parties, Johnny offers magic that both adults and children love and admire…comedy magic material that has been tested under these conditions in hundreds of performances.

For Fairs and Festivals, Johnny’s performed myriad types of shows at all kinds of events and they score with the whole family. Huge crowds gather to see Johnny Moon perform “award winning”
street magic like you’ve never seen before.

THEMED MAGIC EVENTS - A character for any theme you can dream"

The Magic Cowboy (Yup!)
The “RatPack Guy” (50’S Character)
The Card Shark (Gambling Guy)
The Chicken Magician (Eggs’traordinary, a crack up!)
Metafoolya (Comedy Mindreader)
Merlin (in full-robe/pointy-hat wizard attire)
Cool Moon (Johnny Moon, as is -- a character in his own)